Who are we?

What We Do

We aim to supply Utah with the highest quality kratom along with valuable and useful information. We want to spread kratom awareness, clear up any misinformation, and help as many people as possible.

Most smoke shops and gas stations that sell kratom have no idea what kratom really is and what it is used for. The quality at these places is often sub-par. We aim to be the kratom store that you can come into and learn something, have a good experience, and walk away with an amazing product. We welcome anyone and everyone to come and see the difference for yourself.

How We Started

We saw how useful kratom is and wanted to introduce the plant to a larger demographic. We wanted to spread awareness for kratom and be the best kratom supplier on the market. We tested hundreds of different kratom strains and hand picked the best ones to sell. We have been to Indonesia and met the farmers that farm our product. We make sure that their process is sanitary and effective. Ultimately, we have fine-tuned our process and have been able to get our customers the best product possible since 2019.